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Would you like to Nutritiously Feed
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Whether you have a family of four, share a household with more than 4 people or live alone – this e-Book will show you how you can eat nutritiously for just $12.50 per person per week.

International Performance Nutritionist, Sally Boyer has taken the guesswork out of effective budgeting and healthy eating for your household.

In this ground breaking e-Book, Sally will lift the lid on your weekly food shopping, what to look for when you shop, the tricks retailers use to move stale food and how you and your family can plan ahead, save $$, eat a variety of great food and become a seasonal savvy shopper.



“The perception of everyday Australian’s is that buying healthy food cost more! Under your current circumstances that may be true. But by following the principles set out in my book I will show you how to substantially reduce your weekly grocery bill and increase the nutritional content of your diet. Plus I will show you how to turn simple cheap ingredients into exciting meals for the whole family.”


My 200 + page e-Book will show you:

  • How to turn every dollar you spend into $5
  • A new perspective on food, the Tribal method
  • 20 tips that will revolutionise how you shop, what you buy and when you buy it
  • How to avoid the costly marketing traps in the supermarket aisles
  • Why seasonal shopping is one of the keys to being healthier and saving huge $$ with your shopping budget every week
  • A weekly nutrition plan
  • 50 nutritious recipes and how to create a menu plan, with multiple options that will work for your lifestyle
  • Why shopping in supermarkets is blowing your budget every week


Prof Dr Shirley Mcilvenny
General Practitioner and Director of the Food Coach Institute

A Word from
Professor Shirley McIlvenny

As a nutritional doctor, I see many patients who are struggling with their health because of the dead food that we eat – highly processed and without any healthy nutrients left. We need to take control and stop this today. As someone who has suffered from gluten intolerance for years, I certainly agree that we don’t need wheat in our diet. These foods have been changed so much from their original forms that many people can’t tolerate them. Luckily there are plenty of other choices available now. As virtually diary free as well, I can vouch I have great bones; I get my calcium from goat’s cheese and fresh vegetables in its best form – along with magnesium.

You can eat healthy cheaply, you can get your kids to eat vegetables, you just need to know how. And this is where this books comes in.

I recommend reading it from cover to cover and putting all the ideas into place. You’ll never go back to the old way of eating and you’ll feel so much healthier too.





Bonus Xmas Recipes!

Order my ebook now and get 12 fabulous low cost nutritious recipes to make this Christmas!

Not only will they save you money, but my dairy free, gluten free recipes are super healthy for you too.

Bonus Christmas Recipes

3 Valuable Tips You can Use Right Now!

1. Only buy produce that’s in season and grown locally. It will be substantially cheaper, and because it’s local you know what you’re getting and the quality will be much better. Don’t waste money on imported out of season produce. Not only is it expensive, but it has probably been sitting in refrigerated storage for weeks, if not months – so the nutritional value is severely diminished.

Stale vegetables have little nutritional value

2. Look for opportunistic buys: There is always one day or two days in a week when unsold stock has to be replaced with new stock. The day before this happens, generally just before the end of daily trade, you will find some incredible bargains. (We share where and when to get these bargains in our book)

Get bargains at the end of the day or week

3. Make our hearty nutritious recipes
Lentil and Lamb Bone Broth


  • 1 kg lamb bones
  • 2 cups lentils, soaked overnight
  • 4 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 4 tomatoes, peeled and diced
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


  1. Brown onions in a deep saucepan for 5 minutes
  2. Add lamb bones, lentils and tomatoes, brown for further 5 minutes
  3. Add remaining ingredients with spices and seasoning that you may have and slow cook, covered for 2 hours
  4. Serve with fresh chopped mint served with fresh lemon juice ~ You might grate lemon rind into soup at step 3 for extra tang!

Hearty Lentil and Lamb Bone Broth

The Winner of our Feedback Competition

and a wonderful 10 course dinner for two at Abysnthe is . . .


The Gebhardt Family from Robina, Gold CoastWe are a young growing family and your amazing book has enabled us to shed around $70 from our weekly food bill by following your simple strategies. Our local organic butcher now supplies us with free bones to make stock, and we’re getting chickens soon as our girls are voracious egg eaters!  For us the biggest benefits have come from creating delicious and nutritious food from scratch. Recipes like savoury mince and French style eggs have superseded bland, nutritionless packaged foods from the supermarket, and the kids love these foods that they themselves help create!   The biggest lesson and benefit in your book – is ensuring that cooking and eating are a time of sharing and enjoyment for the whole family.
Anthony, Melanie, Sherazarde (age 6), Astrid (age 3) and Ezra (age 9 months)


Other fantastic entries

OMG! Love, love, love this book. Thank you sooo much….This is what I’ve been looking for. I love the layout of the book, it’s so easy to understand, love the pictures & the seasonal calendar this is what I need. We’re a family of 6 and I tend to always over spend on food at the supermarket I go in for one thing and come out with a trolley full of things I already have or don’t need lol!I tend to buy too much and waste a lot of food and money. I need to change this! This book is fantastic. I am starting today! We’re cleaning up our veggie patch & planting a new crop. Thank you for the inspiration. Thanks so much Sally you are amazing…keep up the great work!
Anne-Marie, Queensland
Our family has achieved fantastic results after reading your book , Not only have we saved a fortune on grocery /food bills but we are now eating better due to buying fresh each week. Another big benefit would have to be feeling better having more energy.  I believe it’s from eating better, getting back to the basics with fresh food and getting away from processed, pre cooked, pre prepared foods is definitely a winner for us.By far the most important benefit has been is I am loosing weight and I know I am eating better now I think I might put the money saved towards a gym membership. Your book is great , looking forward to your next one.  Thank you Sally your a legend.
David McEwan, Sydney
Ina HalsellHi, Being a mother to an energetic 10mth old, supporting my husband’s growing business and doing this all with finances that are tight, I have absolutely loved the tips, recipes and support received from your eBook. Teaching me where to spend our money wisely, how to cook tasty meals that are both gluten and dairy-free, you have inspired our little family to make regular trips to the local markets.Using your suggestions in “How To Feed A Family of 4 on $50 a week – with great Nutrition” our family has saved up to $100 per week over the last 4 weeks! You have enriched our health and empowered us as parents to show our son how best to eat healthy! Thanks Sally!
Ina Halsall, Queensland
S GibsonThis is a No Fuss, Straight to the point (just how I like it) Aid for us Mum’s out there who have an ‘idea’ on healthy foods, but have no idea on what to do with them and tend to go for the ‘seemingly’ easy option.Allot of great tips in this eBook that make perfect sense. Way to go Sally and her husband Derek, the world needs more people out there like you who say it how it is and care for their community. Certainly a great book for ALL households. I just wish I had this eBook years ago !!
S Gibson, Qld
LarniWow, this book should have been written ten years ago. It is so easy getting caught up in the whole hype of buying ‘convenience’ foods- instead of spending well invested time into real food and cooking for my gorgeous family.I am definitely rearranging my pantry and bringing out Nan’s cookbook along side yours. Thanks for the inspiration Sal!
Larni, NSW
Sally Boyer you are an amazing, inspiring, woman and I love your book. I’m a single mother of three children and studying fulltime, every cent counts in my house. I want to feed my kids nutritional food, not sugar laden rubbish that doesn’t sustain their energy levels or give their bodies the best start in life. By implementing a couple of your easy to follow tools such as the menu planner, I was able to save not only my sanity…lol, but reduce my weekly food budget by $30… Did I say $30 which equates to $1560 per year, now that would certainly make the end of year all that more cheery!! Love the savings, love the recipes, thanks for bringing back the simple things in life and adding more money to a very tight budget…. Can’t wait to keep saving more!!
Tania Patarana, Queensland



Bonus Xmas Recipes!

Order my ebook now and get 12 fabulous low cost nutritious recipes to make this Christmas!

Not only will they save you money, but my dairy free, gluten free recipes are super healthy for you too.

Bonus Christmas Recipes


Best wishes for saving money and eating nutritiously at your place!

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